You could say that local twins Max and Leo Candidus have a taste for the extreme – From motocross racing to 900 degree cooking these guys know a little about pushing the limits.

Not classically trained chefs, just two guys with a passion for pizza, a really, REALLY hot oven and enough OCD to spend months and months studying and testing the history and gastronomy of pizza dough in a quest for the perfect pizza.

In 2010, Max and Leo bought their first coal-fired oven, strapped it to a trailer and hit the town – Bringing a new taste to local parties, golf tournaments and bat mitzvahs. The people raved, and raved, and raved.

More familiar with trends and new concepts in cuisine than he’ll let on, Leo is an investor of One Lucky Duck, a successful NYC raw organic market and website.

From the antique barn door they found in New Hampshire (Now the door to the MaxandLeo’s restroom), to the industry-art plumbing-fixture bar shelves that Max built from scratch, you get the passion that these guys put in everything they do.

This is different. This is beyond good.